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    Default I like Strikethrough

    I like Strikethrough it's a cool new shiny so of course I must have it
    But did it solve the THF issue everyone who plays THF was asking for hmm let me see what was that THF issue again.....that's right single target dps, nope it didn't but it did fill the void of more aoe dps that all the people that don't play THF thought it needed strange.

    Let me reiterate the THF issue again. In deep-reap where most play THF it is not considered a viable/welcome DPS option.

    Take note of how Metta Worlds First's view THF and pally's surprised they let him in must have been meta-guilt.

    Dev's If I we don't see THF being use by guilds the like of omni, helter, cc-crue-,duppers downers n drunks, players like Sym, frets and the like in R10 and used in worlds first REAPER Raids YOU FAILED.

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    Its actually less aoe dps in any case except exactly 2 mobs, and thats the problem. It went from being an AOE style to a 2 target style.

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    I like the idea of Strikethrough. I'd like to see if work with Cleave and other special attacks if they're going to keep the existing limitations. If it doesn't work with Cleave, then the base rate for THF needs to be increased and the cap needs to be increased as well.

    The idea of Strikethrough needs to not be hamstrung with the implementation.
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