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    Default T5 Savant Ability: Heat Death

    A while ago I posted an issue with the Fire Savant tree and its capstone ability, Elemental Apotheosis. The developer response leads me to believe that they're in, or will be in, the process of revamping the Savant Trees.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steelstar View Post
    We're aware of this and plan to change it when we get to doing Savant tree adjustments.
    I know that's likely a Soonstatement, but while you're at it, can you make Heat Death's DC (and the DCs of the other Savants' T5 abilities) scale with Charisma instead of Constitution? Sorcerers are not tanks, and having a T5 ability that depends on a secondary stat is lame. The tier 5 abilities are pretty bland as-is, and I know they're probably due for an upgrade. I hope this is included.

    Edit: On the topic of Fire Savants, please make the SLA Fireball work like the spell. If you don't have a target, or are targeting yourself, there's no way to cast it at the ground in front of you; it just casts straight out into the distance.
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