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    Default Two Handed Fighting - This Is a Reach

    THF is undergoing big changes, which are being debated quite vigorously, but one area of community concern not being addressed is that meleeing an uncontrolled monster entails significant damage exposure that other styles (i.e. ranged) do not suffer.

    But does it have to?

    The only reason that a monster we're meleeing can melee us back is that the melee attacks have about the same range.

    What if they didn't?

    Reach is a well established DnD concept, and two handed weapons are big. Why not increase the attack range of our character by 20% when using THF at all, and an additional 20% for each THF feat taken? Our weapons already don't graphically penetrate monsters, so them continuing not to do so isn't an issue. The numbers might need to go up or down in practice, I don't have any hard data on what reach exactly monsters and characters have, but the devs do.


    This leaves TWF and SWF in the cold. Someone else can come up with something for them.

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    Some of us players were thinking very similar with you about Fighter/Barbarian and Big weapons fighting.

    Anyhow the issue is not only the THF feats but also the movement speed, reflex saves, dodge , prr/mrr, health amount scaling for original warrior classes (Fighter and Barbarian). It seems the company will chooose to

    a) keep on ignoring the issue becasue those classes are not paid to play
    b) will choose to release a solid frontline fighter class or enhancement tree with big endurance and moblity/avoidance boost and may even give the class/tree special frontliner weapons (force weapons/force armor/force shield-toggle option to twf,thf,swf or s&b at the same tree) and sell it at the DDO shop.

    Ranger is saved from all these since it has best TWF tree both fort and ref saves, lots of dodge, even if not uncany dodge. A Ranger combined with some rogue and barbarian is one of the best choices to play if some one goes for melee. (and can still have lots of skills, lots of melee and ranged and even caster/caster like options doing so.
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