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    Default DEVS LISTEN UP! This is easy and makes MONEY!

    DEVS LISTEN UP! This is easy and makes MONEY!

    Cut the damage on "arrow of slaying"(arcane archer tree) down to 25-100 and add a death effect to the ability that gets modified by AA cores.

    This would make the developers MONEY because it would bring archer lovers back to the game AND encourage buying the falconry tree(wis for damage). Changing this one enhancement is also alot easier and faster than reworking the entire archer mechanic. Everyone will scramble to get completionist back from alchemist so don't worry about this limiting your sale of that class.

    This death effect should at LEAST work on living targets, undead, and constructs(maybe make mindless creatures immune?).
    It doesn't need to have a will save, but it probably should since it uses enchant DC bonuses, fort is an option if you want to be mean(say the ability causes a heart attack).

    The goal is to give archers some DC killing to compensate for atrociously low damage and appallingly low fire rate. This ability could be used in synergy with dispelling shot to remove death ward and then kill target (cool combos means it would be fun and draw in archer folks). This gives archers a bigger role in the group then just CC but doesn't work vs bosses. This ability would be too slow to compete with any casters in the DC killing field but would give the archers some more consistent survivability particularly if the cool down gets reduced with high level cores (also encourages pure builds to reach the cores which limits attempts at monkchers).

    These cores, in addition to any ranger levels in the saving throw, will encourage purer ranger builds which means monkchers will be less popular. This is made doubly true by the reduction of damage from arrow of slaying which removes one of the monkcher's most OP abilities (kill bosses in one shot--> REALLY!?).

    "You fire a shot from your bow with an additional 25 damage. On hit: Target must make a will save of (10+FULL ranger level + wisdom bonuses+enchant bonuses) or proceed to destroy themselves. Bosses and mindless creatures are immune to this effect."

    "Must have a bow equipped to use this ability."

    Cool down: 20 seconds


    Core Level 4: Cuts cool-down by 2 seconds. Core level 5: cuts cool-down by 3 seconds. Core level 6: cuts cool down by 5 seconds.

    At level 20 cool-down= 10 seconds.

    This is nothing special but gives them a shot at some independence: para arrows + arrow of slaying for mobs, elemental arrows for bosses.

    If you feel lazy then just add the death affect and lower damage to 25. Copy and paste the code from the Cleric spell "Destruction" and give it auto success spell resistance penetration. You don't have to mess with the cores but this ability will need a recharge of 15 seconds or less to make these builds popular enough to be profitable. Any thing more or even just 20 seconds will still leave the archers with a horribly slow kill rate that just isn't fast enough to survive fighting any low reaper mobs.

    If they encounter more than 2-3 at a time they are doomed to horrible waiting on recharging death abilities.
    If they encounter more than 6-7 they would be doomed to get killed because they can't paralyze everything fast enough.

    If you want to balance this with DWS stalker than just give DWS high fort penetration in their teir 5s (enhancement that gives +10,+25,+45% fort penetration against favored enemies)? The extra Sneak attack damage AND favored enemy boost would be on theme with the tree and give them a decent yet not OP boost.

    I forfeight all rights to this idea and just want to see it implemented.
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