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    Default Eulogy for Inquisitive Wed 8pm in Temple of Sovereign Host

    Meet out front and add your Ratcatcher and Hallowed Splinters to the bonfire.

    Kobeyashi | Ying

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    Have you actually played with the changes?
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    Inquisitive deserved the DS and law dice nerf, it's still going to be a A tier dps build only now you won't be able to slap 41 points of inquistive onto literally any class combination and be top tier DPS, now you'll actually need to think about your class split (probably going to be rogue heavy splits for SA, possibility of some Alchemist shenanigans too)

    Ratcatcher also needed a nerf, a ML8 weapon shouldn't be BiS at level 20 and perfectly usable to cap, Ratcatcher is still BiS for inquisitives from 8 until 15/17, sorry but you'll need to farm one of the heoric sharn xbows to carry you until thunderforged.

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