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    Quote Originally Posted by grrowler View Post
    shared bank filtering is really great - thank you.

    I am not sure if others would find this helpful, but would it be possible to add a similar filter for the CRAFTING STORAGE ? with a dropdown panel that filters for:

    • Collectables
    • Ingredients
    • Augments
    • Ammunition
    • Filigrees

    While we are asking for the moon on the bank ... how about just a simple minimum level sort on the re-incarnation bank ... please please ... I might even buy coffee & pizza .....
    Mechanics - To Hit/Dam mods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theolin View Post
    While we are asking for the moon on the bank ... how about just a simple minimum level sort on the re-incarnation bank ... please please ... I might even buy coffee & pizza .....
    I did not have access to a TR cache on the lammania preview server, but afaik from what other people mentioned, they did not make available the same new filtering options of the shared bank to the TR cache. can anyone verify this?

    SSG's position on the TR cache is that they will never make it filterable or sortable in any way because it was never intended to be used for long-term storage; they do not want to add any type of filtering or convenience to the TR cache that might encourage it to be used as storage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iriale View Post
    The worst update in DDO history. The only good thing, the filtering options of the shared bank (something that I have been asking for YEARS and is a task that even an intern can perform), and even this has an egregious forgetfulness: add the option to filter by potions (which should include every type of consumables, as in the inventory option, not just potions)

    DO NOT balance around the hardcore server. It is a TERRIBLE idea. And by the way, don't fall asleep on your laurels thinking that hardcore will always work. People get tired of the same quickly. Devs, be proactive and invent new formulas. First, not all people enjoy permadeath. Second, many consider that we no longer need useless alts in the current game. And third, lowering the population of normal servers as it happened with the first season of hardcore is a very bad idea. Invent new events WITHIN the usual servers, so that the grouping is not damaged.

    And why have you removed the tavern, bank, mail, etc. from the cargo? It is the meeting place of the entire guild! This is an anti-QoL change, the worst you have had in a long time! (Although removing the horses from the ship was not a very great idea either xD) Leave these contracts at least, and if not, add new anchor points here so that we can recreate the previous hold charge. The resistances do not worry me little or much, but this is ***
    I must second this too, while it is a few pages back. Permadeath is a non-entity in my mind, i will never enjoy and the idea that the main game is made more hardcore to suit the hardcore guys is such a terrible idea i have now decided to NOT continue buying the expensive version of expansion packs from now on, and might even stop the vip membership if this trend continues. Devs - u have until may to persuade me otherwise. To many decision are being made on (imo) wrong ideas trying to turn the ddo population in a certain direction - a direction i for one do not approve of, at based on this thread many are with me. It doesnt matter if u bring a thousand people back to the game if u lose another thousand in the process.

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    Default Hallelujah!

    You had me at the shared bank changes! Finally tools to feed my endless hunger for organization.

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