I tried to theory craft a build with whispers of life and it did not work out at all due largely in part to there being no legendary green steel trinkets or rings.

How about a three piece set that grants whispers of life when all three pieces are equipped?

Life Sealed Ring (Ring)
*Touch Of Immortality (Currently only on gauntlets of immortality)
*Shield +8
*Life Sealed +50
*Spell Resistance +50

Raven Queen's Memory (Trinket)
*Evil Absorption 50%
*Permanent Fire Shield (Cold)
*Weaken Undead
*Sovereign Disruption Guard

Hellfire Cleansing Ring (Ring)
*Insightful Spell Resistance 26
*Fire Absorption +50%
*Resistances +16
*Healer's Bounty

Set Bonus: Your spells and attacks have a small [?%] chance to heal you and nearby allies for 10d20 hitpoints through Positive Energy.

Honestly, what people would use this set for: Too Hot To Handle raid.......... but let's face it, even this set is insufficient to guarantee survival, but it might increase the success rate a tiny smidgen!