We all know by now the tutorials we have the option to do at the start of every life. Someone who's run through them as often as I have doesn't really get much from them anymore besides equipment (if starting at level 1). However, my idea has to do with before you actually pick a race and class, is intended for new players to help them pick their first race and class.

To create a character, the first thing you do is hit the "create new character" button, then you arrive at the character creation screen where you make choices, such as race and class. If you've never played before, are not familiar with DnD, and don't have a friend who already plays the game to give you build advice, the process of creating a character can be a bit more difficult. Odds are, in such a situation you don't even choose to customize at all, but if you do there are so many more ways to gimp yourself than simply not picking a class that fits your own personal play style. Everyone has certain skills they bring to a game that are better suited to one particular class or another, and taking advantage of that when choosing your first class can only make your initial experience more enjoyable.

So, my idea, is to insert an "optional" tutorial screen before character creation after someone hits that button to make a new character. In this tutorial, they'd play a generic character with no real race or class, be given the abilities of basically any class (just the basic stuff, like disable device and lockpick, some spells that damage/control/buff/debuff/heal, etc), put them in a variety of scenarios both solo and with a group (probably have to be a group of NPCs, like in the korthos tutorial), and keep track of how they respond to any given situation. If the game notices them hanging back and just healing everybody when grouped, then a class with the ability to heal should be recommended, and if they further tended to prefer long-range attacks from a bow when solo, that class would be a ranger; if when solo they go after things with a sword, then probably recommend them a paladin; etc. If they act like a cleric when grouped and a rogue when solo, maybe an artificer would be the recommended class for them. That sort of thing. (Kind of like the tutorial in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.) The recommended races for each class that was recommended to the new player would also be displayed, with a short description as to why they were recommended for those specific classes.

This is just the first rough draft of an idea, that I thought of when browsing for rating the playable difficulty of different classes. Made me realize part of what determines how difficult a class is to play is an individual's own personal tendencies and skills they bring to the game, not anything inherent in the game or classes themselves. For me personally, I have many skills and tendencies that would contribute to playing a healbot cleric (I almost instinctively keep an eye on everyone's health bar and where they are on the map) but I can't leave traps and secret/locked doors alone, usually play by myself, and I started playing before the artificer was a thing, so I tend to play a rogue.

Feedback welcome.