uh, this is going to be complicatedm because what I want to explain is clear in my head, but a bit more difficult to explain in my second language, English.

To start here, I have seen the vast difference in the settings - I don't know whether this is a matter of the engine or not.
The difference is really very big, when I compare Eveningstar and the Keep on the Borderlands with ... let's say Stormreach (we all know Stormreach, so this is a good example, i think).

Just let your character run around in the wilderness around the Keep - and then let your character run around in the wilderness of the Cerulean Hills. Just as an example of what i mean.

The amount of detail in the Keep's wilderness area is just stunning,. At least in my case it is.
Not so much for the Searing Heights, Cerulean Hills, or even Three Barrel Cove.

I don't remember having played any Ebberron modules in DDO with SUCH a level of detail. I mean, just look at the water !
The Keep's wilderness and the Eberron packs differ so much from one another as if there was a different engine at work !

Now comes my wish for 2020 : I want a village in Eberron - and that with the same level of detail with the Keep's wilderness !
Personally, i would even be happy if it was kind of a clone of the Keep pack. I just want to see how Eberron looks with such an ... graphics upgrade.

I just don't know how I could explain clearer what i mean. I just want a village in the graphics style of the Keep (abnd of Eveningstar), but with the inhabitants of Eberron.

I think Ebberron should be big enough to be able to provide the developers with n area with a look resembling that of Eveningstar or of the Keep. Not everything is jungle as in Xen'drik.
It doesn't even need to have such an fairytale look. I just want to have to have the same level of detail. (And the same water !)

I hope that was clear enough.


Edit : Personally, I just LOVE that fairytale look of the Keep and its surroundings ! - But I also know that "fairytale looks" are not at all in the fashion these days. Everything has to be dark and grim these days (Ravenloft !).

I can just do better escapism with a fairytale setting - the world in Reality is dark enough.