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    Default Everyone's whispering about it in other threads, so I'll just say it.

    I'm glad the dual-halfling universal enhancement tree will be nerfed in U45.

    In 2006, we used to see droves of players swinging a flaming, screaming halfling in one hand, holding a buckler or small shield in the other. The halfling's small yet nimble frame was unparalleled in its ability to lay down consistent damage (back when base damage meant something!), and the bonuses you'd get while wielding a shield in your offhand made it quite the capable solo build. Diseased halflings giving extra poison damage, halflings with their hair set on fire - all once incredibly potent, unique abilities that have now been lost to obsolescence.

    I'm speaking of course about the dual-halfling universal enhancement tree.

    Ever since players were enabled to swing around not one - but TWO dizzied, flailing halflings, it has become the uncontested choice for halfling use (in melee). Magically-returning-halfling-kin throwing was popular for a time, but quite niche in comparison to what we see today in dual-halflingry.

    Maybe now, sword-and-halfling will be a little more than just a flavor build!

    (And I'm glad to hear two-handed-dwarf-swinging is getting the attention it deserves! But that's for another thread)

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    There are a fair amount of repetative and/or trolling threads in this forum but this is a thread I can get behind!

    Nerfing dual wielding Halflings has been a necessary change for a long time now. They have been way too effective for a long time now, thank goodness for this balance update.
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