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    THTH and PN are some of the best designed raids
    Completely disagree. These are horrible raids for melee. The Forgewraith Titan's hitbox is way too small and narrow. It's common to see melee not actually doing damage to the Titan even through they're standing on the precipice of the platform. Far too tedious for melee. Ranged also have issues with hitting the boss, as the attack positioning/angle is fickle. Guilds are not pushing skulls in THTH, which says much on its own. Omni is the only guild I've heard about completing R1. Most guilds wont touch THTH above LH because it is simply too tedious with the way it's designed.

    PN has two bosses and four battery rooms where melee are sitting on their hands. Jump attacking Irk is futile, and Zulkis will ddoor. With elementals casting circles every three seconds, good luck keeping DPS up on the elemental as a melee. At least ranged and casters can nuke while they're running out of circles. The air battery room as a melee makes me want to pull my hair out. Pray for no lag if you're melee on Rudus. It's frustrating to watch melee die in mid air (including the tank) because of lag when Rudus jumps. Lag is also responsible for curse pots usage not being registered properly, and heals not landing on targets.
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    From my point of view as a causual player in a solo guild, it's extremely rare I see a LFM for THTH and that means a lot. Also, my experience in THTH is that's not a fun raid and it's too hard for it's level. Is it harder than some R10s, I would say yes.
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