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    Default Getting ready to TR, third life... spells?

    This toon's first life was barb, present life L19 fighter, next one to be a THF battle cleric dwarf with a greataxe. I have another toon that has been a paladin, fighter, and barb. Having never been a spellcaster before, I am unfamiliar with spells. This one to be mostly solo, so not much needed to support a group. I'm used to diving in and swinging face to face, so I'm sure I'll have to adjust my fighting style a little once I start throwing spells. Long range plan is completionist, so I will get to pure spellcasters later. For spells I'm thinking some sort of crowd control, healing of course, buffs, some offensive casting. I do belong to a level 114 guild for ship buffs and a +7 stat tome. Could someone give me a list of the most useful spells per level for such a character?

    I'm using a Kundark EK build that I modified the starting stats a little. Also, I'll be putting a couple of points in the falconry tree.

    Kundarak EK Warpriest
    15/4/1 Cleric/Fighter/Wizard
    True Neutral Dwarf

    Level Order

    1. Cleric 6. Cleric 11. Cleric 16. Fighter
    2. Cleric 7. Cleric 12. Cleric 17. Fighter
    3. Fighter 8. Cleric 13. Cleric 18. Cleric
    4. Cleric 9. Cleric 14. Wizard 19. Cleric
    5. Cleric 10. Cleric 15. Fighter 20. Cleric

    36pt Tome Level Up
    ---- ---- --------
    Strength 14 +6 4: CON
    Dexterity 9 +6 8: CON
    Constitution 20 +6 12: CON
    Intelligence 10 +6 16: CON
    Wisdom 17 +6 20: CON
    Charisma 6 +6


    1 : Quicken Spell
    3 : Power Attack
    3 Fighter: Cleave
    6 : Great Cleave
    9 : Empower Healing Spell
    12 : Improved Critical: Slashing
    14 Wizard : Maximize Spell
    15 : Empower Spell OR Insightful Reflexes
    15 Fighter: Two Handed Fighting
    17 Fighter: Improved Two Handed Fighting
    18 : Greater Two Handed Fighting
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    clerics don't have a huge CC palette, and this is exacerbated by a multiclass melee build because you'll have much lower spell penetration and somewhat lower DCs. your only AoE options are soundburst, order's wrath (but i don't recommend it), greater command, and cometfall, and to make matters worse all three are different schools: evocation, enchantment, conjuration.

    i don't recommend order's wrath because for level 4 spells i would want freedom of movement, panacea, restoration (and then recitation once you get greater restoration at 18), divine power, and death ward instead. at level 20 you will get level 8 slots so you can swap death ward for mass death ward, but who cares, you'll be TRing anyway. on that note, i would also strongly recommend fitting Extend in somewhere and early too, there are a bunch of short duration cleric spells (divine favor, prayer, recitation, divine power) that are nice for meleeing but will drive you crazy recasting every 40 seconds. if you go deep in the Warpriest enhancement tree you can get divine power for free, but that rules out positive energy aura from Radiant Servant, which i think would be a lot more up your alley.

    blade barrier is a cleric trademark but the only way it ticks is to kite enemies in and out of it, which as a melee build is a non starter even if you're soloing. divine punishment can be nice if you're struggling to polish off a self-healing boss, especially since the cast time per effect time is very low so you can keep on meleeing. other than that just get the buffs you want and call it a day imo.

    spellcasting on a build with melee feats is like meleeing on a build with spellcasting feats. you can if you want but cleric has a lot of good melee stuff going for it, i feel like if this is the split and feat setup you want you may as well stick with primarily meleeing.

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    The wizard feat choice seems a bit off to me on a primary melee build.
    I'd probably replace that with Extend
    Same goes for trying Empower spell, it's just not in your best interest to try and fit caster feats into a melee build unless those feats make you actively faster in melee (like Quicken spell does) or lets you melee without too many worries (Extend would by making sure you don't have to rebuff as often).

    You're not going to make spells work on a Throw Your Weight Around shell, might as well work on getting buffs and making them stick.

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    The wiki on spell usefulness is a pretty good baseline for what you might want.

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    thanks for the advice. i leveled up to 5, doing ok so far. i'll take your advice under consideration. I think i have most of the right components in place. I just need to farm more low level gear. good low level gear seems sparse. next life i'll try Borderlands and see what that has to offer.

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