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    Default Tiny tweak that would be nice

    I really enjoy all of the new sorting of heroic cs. Epic quests in the quest log. I had an idea the other day and thought others may agree it would be a nice to have (besides fix the lag). I noticed the other day as i was running around that i had missed out on collecting my end reqard from a number of quests. A, this is kinda normal for me since it is mostly trash, but B, some people would want to collect all their end rewards. I think it woulf be nice if there was something in the quest log that indicated if you had an unclaimed end reward. This way, you can go back and get all your heart seeds/comms right before you TR. Just. Thought. Not a top priority by any means, just a nice to have.


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    well the quest only marks as (complete) in your log once you have collected the reward so the log absolutely has that marker. you can just go though the different sections and check for not completed.

    In the adventure compendium however I guess it is not so easily done, because you can redbox quests, and then you would get false positives very likely. always felt like two distinctly seperate ways of tracking quests to me...

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    What I'd really like is an asterisk next to the Elite if you've completed it on Reaper as well

    I dont want an actual "Reaper" status in the Adventure Log since that creates the false suggestion that Reaper is just the natural progression from Elite, rather than being a separate standalone difficulty. But it would be nice to know which quests I still can claim my Reaper first-time bonuses on, since those exist. I think having a little extra "sticker" stuck onto the Elite completion note sends a better message that Reaper is just "elite w/ something extra".

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    The forums had hundreds of these requests... they ain't going to do it. They never do it.
    Dev: [sees suggestion]
    Dev: nah, I have to work on important stuff (like horse animations)
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