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    Default How long does it take to get an epic past life compared to heroic?

    I havent gotten an epic past life since Motu.

    It usually takes me about a month to do a heroic life. What would be the time ratio if i can do a heroic life in a month?
    I dont really enjoy epics as much as heroics, but i think its time to do one

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    It's hard to say because we don't know what your playstyle is. My month of playing is probably radically different from your month of playing. Do you use pots? Have XP tomes? Do you do quests? Explore areas? What? It varies too much.

    If you push hard and use some of the strategies to maximize slayer XP on a character that hasn't done any epic stuff, (which requires some grouping and luck both) you *can* level epics 20-30 in about 8 hours of total playtime, spread that out over whatever is your typical style and how fast you think you are compared to ultra-zergers.

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    For me epics are much faster than heroics, but I have some good mostly cannith craft gear sets to put on and save my slayer potions for some big pushes in epic orchard of the macabre and some times other slayer zones. Post or join a lfm some slayer zones alow 12 person raid groups. Great xp with buddy bonus. I also run raven loft and sharn sagas a couple of times for the gear and saga xp. I just do them at what ever difficulty i can handle. Flag for legendary shroud and run that raid, try and get a group for legendary tempest spine and VON5-6. Run the "dailies" typically just once at as hard a difficulty as I am comfortable with. Run legendary three barrel cove and or giant hold and I am level 30 before I know it.

    Lots of people find 2-3 runs through epics are easy xp. I fully reincarnate then and go back to lvl 1 or park at cap for raids and loot and reaper xp farming. I haven't done just a etr since the first couple of times I tried it.
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    First couple of ETRs after a heroic 1-20 are pretty fast. You have all your 1st time bonuses to burn. If I had to guess, first 2 ETRs are about half a heroic TR each. ETRs after the first two start getting slower, especially if you don't like to do a daily circuit.

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    A couple things to keep in mind with Epic Reincarnation

    1. Epic Quests generally give more XP then Heroic
    2. There are more Epic Sagas then Heroic Sagas - You can also prep these to use after you do an ER
    3. While Epic Explorer areas don't reset on an ER, they are a good source of XP to fill in the gaps
    4. On an ER any optional XP ransack is reset

    I would say that running from 20 to 30 is generally faster for most people then 1 to 20. Even without first time bonuses.

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    Agreed with Enoach on this one.
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    I just got done doing about 20 ETR loops. I'd say I averaged about 25 hours a loop. I liked to do the ES, RL, and Sharn sagas for the next life to start at level 23 instead of 20. There are faster ways to do it, but this way gives you a variety of play, about 5,000-8,000 Sentient xp, and lets you load level 23 named weapons and are close to 24 crafted gear.

    It also lets you push 2.5 mill saga exp into off class epic destinies. I would do a daily loop to get to level 25, then start the saga quests on R1 starting with LOD in preferred destiny. Caster, so this was my most comfortable path.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkniteyogi View Post
    I havent gotten an epic past life since Motu.

    It usually takes me about a month to do a heroic life. What would be the time ratio if i can do a heroic life in a month?
    I dont really enjoy epics as much as heroics, but i think its time to do one
    Epic past live actives are far more powerful than heroic PLs... You've somewhat done yourself a disservice skipping epics all this time.

    Epic past lives are much faster than heroic past lives.

    It takes me about a month to do a heroic life, same as you. I can usually do an epic life in a week.

    I usually do 2 epic lives (sometimes 3), and then do another heroic TR for a change of pace, and to reset all the 1st time bonuses.

    The saga xp and the wilderness xp in epic are huge. You get 256,000 xp (400,000+ with a 30% pot running) for the two Sharn saga and RL saga end-rewards. You can save those and turn them in after doing an epic TR, netting yourself 1.2 million (in a epic destiny that you don't like) in 20 seconds, and jumping you to level 22. The Orchard and Thunderholme and Barovia slayer rewards are very good too (especially Orchard - talking like 1 million xp in a hour or so with a 200% slayer boost pot).

    All of the epic Wilderness areas can get you a quick 100k+ exp in the first 10-20 minutes, even if soloing, faster if in a group split up.
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