I'll start by saying the core abilites are not bad. The rest are just so bad, do the devs even play the same game? The chain attack really is worthless, the fact that it calls for 7 AP to fully spec out is insult to injury and yes, I have tried it. Forceful chain adds a knock down, but everything I tested it on just resisted it on an acrobat rogue. The quarterstaff knock down worked great but the 'forceful' chain couldn't do squat. The damage sucks too. The 20 second chain is worse. A rogue standing there for 20 seconds (you can't move while active or it cancels) - couldn't they change this to useable while moving and condense all the damage into a 2 second attack? I say rogue class because this race was clearly designed with rogue in mind and it's basically just a fail. The other passives not related to the chain attack are ok and for actives, just winter favored is not bad. Shadow smoke seems like a waste of AP too. Gloom stalker design has me wondering - don't you want to assassinate out of sneak, not 'attack'? Aren't those 2 different? If so, couldn't they just add assassinate in with sneak attack, your option, so it sucked less?

These racials need an overhaul, especially that dumb chain thing.