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    Default Spell Wards are borked again

    About a year ago I noticed this happening and posted about it. It eventually got fixed... but now it's doing it again. Normally you can 'work down' a spell ward using Dispel Magic or Greater Dispel Magic... but when it's glitching you will see the dispel reduction amount (random 1-4 levels) upon cast, but the ward only drops a single (or zero) level. Another cast will most often reset the ward to its original strength regardless of the dispel cast results. Considering how prevalent Wards are in the Underdark.... this gets REALLY aggravating while running content at challenging levels.

    Please fix this, no idea what you did that broke it again, but here we go again....

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    I don't recall them ever getting 'fixed'.

    March 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by JOTMON View Post
    Casting greater dispel magic on spell wards.. they were randomly going up and down CR with no correlation to the displayed levels reduced..
    Could not clear any of the spell wards with a stack of greater dispel scrolls.
    Was running Reaper.. but even still.. dispel scrolls should not cause the spell ward to go up in levels.

    Has been occurring with every spell ward I have come across in High Road and Wheloon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cocomajobo View Post
    Interesting. I'll investigate when I get a chance.

    Quote Originally Posted by JOTMON View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JOTMON View Post
    after 2 years of trying, I just stopped wasting time and resources on dispel/greater dispell scrolls
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