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    Default Gingerspyce's week in videos: Keep on the Borderlands first look and review

    We enjoyed exploring Keep on the Borderlands. Seeing this classic module come to life in DDO was a joy. For those of you who aren't old pen and paper guys like me, you may not realize the significance of this module. For years module B2 Keep on the Borderlands was the starter module that came with the basic D&D box set and for many of us old timers, it was our first module and for that reason it has a special place in D&D's history.

    Like all classic modules that have come to DDO, there are details that could've been fleshed out more or additional elements added. But overall this DDO classic module has a great starter area feel to it and they did a nice job of staying true to the maps from the pen and paper module. Adding elements from the module's "rumor table" to the keep's npc interactions was a nice touch. I only just realized in my research for writing this article that the "bee man" hermit encounter was taken out of the sequel Return to Keep on the Borderlands as a replacement of "The Mad Hermit" in the original B2 module. I really like how the keep is its own little town complete with trainers, vendors, tavern, bank, mailbox, auctioneer, etc. It's a great alternative to Korthos and I give the devs props for a job well done!

    And let's not forget about mounts! I never thought we'd see them in DDO but the devs did a great job. Horses look amazing and I'm looking forward to the possibilities that SSG can do with the horse model... unicorn, pegasus, zebra, nightmare, hippogriff, etc? Also hope that mounted combat will one day be added.

    Below are all of our first look videos the day Keep on the Borderlands was released. The first quest Watch Your Step was closed on the first day, so was done separately.

    Keep on the Borderlands First Look pt.2: Violent Delights

    Keep on the Borderlands First Look pt.3: Treasure Hunt

    Keep on the Borderlands First Look pt.4: Obstructing the Orcs

    Keep on the Borderlands First Look pt.5: Caged Beast

    Keep on the Borderlands First Look pt.6: Hobgoblin Horde

    Keep on the Borderlands First Look pt.7: Total Chaos

    Keep on the Borderlands First Look pt.8: Watch Your Step

    In other news, I recently found a cool secret passage in the cogs that can help you get back up when you fall off the floating platform that takes you to The Magma Must Flow. Check out my quick video A secret passage in the Cogs! to see where the hidden lava fall passage is!

    Thank you for all the amazing support on Twitch and for all the great comments on the Youtube vids. I appreciate hearing that the videos have helped others, and the awesome little community that has come to be on Twitch has been a lot of fun. If you haven't found me on Twitch yet, we live stream nearly every day on Twitch channel vooduspyce!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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