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    Question DDO Devs - Please Balance Melee Vs Ranbged Vs Spellcasting.

    Dear DDO Devs,

    Please Balance Melee Vs Ranged Vs Spellcasting.

    I'm sure this has been raised before. But it's something I feel is really important for the game.

    Because right now, Melee Vs Ranged Vs Spellcasting are not balanced at all - in terms of power levels. Not even remotely balanced.

    I mean this is my understanding - please correct me if I'm wrong, but Melee is basically worse in every way than Ranged AND Spellcasting.

    Let me give you a few examples.

    With my level 12 Artificer, Arcanotechnician, with good gear, and maxed out Spell Power, I can walk into a room, and kill everything in the room with 3 or 4 spells. Lighting Motes 1st, hits for 250-400 and gives electric vulnerability. Blast Rod, SLA - hits for 600-1200 electric damage (Yep at level 12). Electric Sphere for 250-400 and everything is ussually dead. If anything has survived, a Lightning Bolt, or Static Shock will finish them off. Whole room clear in 5 seconds.

    12th Level Air Sorc, same story, except it's 2 spells. Chain Lightning hits for 700-2000 electric damage (yep at level 12) and Ball Lightning for 500-1200 - and whole room of mobs is dead.

    Deal is slightly harder with a Ranged Character, but the new Inquisitor tree is just OVER POWERED as heck! Can easily clear a whole room with No Holds Barred, before mobs even get close to me.

    Now compare that to a fully DPS specced Fighter Kensai. I go into a room at level 13 with a Riftmaker, with improved critical, buffed to 50/60 Strength and do a Cleave. Max hits are like 600-800 slash damage - but of course, some of the attacks miss, and some mobs dodge them. And then all the mobs are close and gank me fast - even worse against Reapers, who often have huge DR Vs Melee, and can't be stunned.

    And I know you've added Eldritch Strike to buff Melees, but it requires taking Wizard / Sorc Levels and this just feels like such a cop out way to make Melee Viable.

    And I mean Eldritch Strike is 10x more Powerful than anything at Tier 5 of any of the Melee Class trees - and it's a Wizard Ability!

    The top tier Melee Abilities just feel sooo weak, compared to top tier casting / ranged abilities.

    And it gets worse as you go up levels.

    A few lives back, I went into Enter The Kobold with a Level 18 WF Wizard, and 2 SHOTTED Pyrypion the Efreeti - first with a Lightning Strike for 14,000 electric, then with an Iceberg for 9000 Cold damage. - Yes at Level 18! And i don't even have to get close to the boss.

    Compare that with the pathetic 1500, crits I can get at level 18 with a Riftmaker, as a Kensai or Paladin?

    How is that balanced at all? :-)

    I'm not saying Nerf Casters, or Ranged. I'm saying Melees need a Buff to bring them up to par with Ranged and Casters and make them viable classes to play.

    That's my 10c. Of course I welcome other players opinions on this matter.

    But I personally would really like to see Melee Buffed. Specifically with vastly more Powerful Melee Weapons. Personally, I think Melee should have the highest DPS at all levels, because of the risk it poses to the Melee Combatant.

    Why can an Arrow or Shuriken do 75,000+ damage? When a Greataxe swung by an insanely strong Half Orc, can only do a pitiful 20,000? Doesnt make sense to me.

    Thanks for reading! :-)

    On this subject I've made a Youtube Video, with a comparison of Melee Vs Caster gameplay:

    Check it out here:
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