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    Default No sound from DDO - have tried all regular fixes


    I have never experienced this in ten years playing DDO.

    I experience no sound, at all, from DDO, and have tried all the usual fixes. I have changed the audio output to every type I have, with no sound heard; I have restarted client, PC, even done a full uninstall and fresh install, nothing. I have also reinstalled my drivers. Nothing.
    All my audio works, I have tested it in different games and videos.

    What exactly happened, was I had DDO up and running, I was stood on my guild airship. As I had just logged on, I decided to put the Master volume to 0, so that I could catch up with a youtube video on Pathfinder 2e.
    Once I had finished, I noticed that absolutely no sound was coming from DDO. I had not turned off DDO, nor had I changed audio output at all, and I have done this before with no problems.

    I have now absolutely no idea how to fix this and I am extremely agitated at it and require help quickly. I play DDO daily and I am too frustrated to play without audio now, I just need it solving.

    Thank you.


    The problem seems resolved, somehow, with a lot of faffing around, but definitely something to watch out for, as something is definitely wrong still.
    I clicked on "mute sound" in persisent sound, nothing, then whilst that was still on I clicked on the "disable all game sounds" and sound suddenly came on! Then I realised that the sound was going louder as I slid the bar to quieter, and vice versa.

    Never seen this happen before and I had to go through a lot of mess to figure this out.
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    Since the last update I have had no sound in DDO every time I start the client. In order to resolve this, I have to switch the sound output under Options, Audio to a different destination and then switch it back to the correct one. This has resolved it reliably for me.

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    In my experience, most 'sudden' sound problems are caused by win10 updates; Bill likes to mess with your soundcard settings, and over the last few updates he seems to want to make it harder for you to find the settings you want to change. When guildies lose game-sound or voice-chat capability it has invariably been a windows problem, not DDO. Devices mysteriously become Disabled or Muted, apps are suddenly allowed to take exclusive control of your soundcard, and faders get turned down on the windows mixer. All these settings are still there for the user, you just have to work out where Bill's hidden them this time!


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