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    Default Assimar past lives - 3 needed

    Doing the racial thing, 28 down, lots to go. Assimar is next. Been doing ranged, tired of that, never been very good as a nuker, sort of like hitting things. Run solo, too slow to follow crowd. Not really a reaper fan. Thinking deity might be fun.

    Cleric? Knight's training plus Holy Sword sounds interesting if you get wisdom to hit/damage from falconry. Unyielding Sovereignty + healing hands, lots of buffs. Blade barrier and comet fall for fun. War priest is not great, but with war domain?.

    FVS? Wisdom to hit/damage for free, lots of SP, but war soul has same bad rap. Same spells.

    Paladin? KotC seems more of a THF, strength, cleave thing, but you get holy sword. No offensive spells, but good defense tree.

    I suppose I could do one of each, it's only 1-20. But, if I really like a build, I will go to 30.

    Interested in hearing suggestions, experiences. Holding at 18, about 5 dailies from TR. Of course, gotta try Borderlands too.

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    fire sorc
    fire sorc
    fire sorc
    max cha
    16 con
    14 wis to make use of healing hands
    rest in int to cover cost of for umd, concentration, and spellcraft

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    Druid, FvS, Warlock, Sorcerer ... but more importantly whichever you can gear out :P. The first 3 makes the early levels quicker imo, then from level 12 the last 2 will generally pull ahead if geared well.

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    Default Go MONK

    Never mind the casters, if you like hitting things, go monk and really get up close and personal
    TYRS PALADIUM.....Officer. If you think there must be more to the game than pugging, come on and joinTYRS! Willibold Fighter/Wilibold monk /Tooflower monkftr/rogue /Hesteban fvs /Machiavehli druid/ Commabayou bard /Greenbolts ranger/Dramoh arti /Dragbat bard /Covemonster Paladin/A Pherzackerly wizard/Asimovsbayne barb/Pardoner/Cottelettedporc cleric/ftr /

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