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    Default Lost in Larcener's Memory

    Part 2 of "Memories of the Illusionary Larcener" is aboard a ship. What am I supposed to do after talking to Lucy Lawful? The door remained locked, I could not get out of ship's hold, and d-door merely put me on the other side of that same locked door with no way to proceed.
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    You load into ship, talk to guy that spawns right next to you. you run thru ship and talk to commander, lucy, whatever. some doors close, some others open. you turn around, exit that room, go left, and up. talk to commoner lady? and some more doors open and close. now go through the door thats right behind you I think, then through door immediately to the left, then wrap around and down back into the room with the chest. Click on chest.

    You're right, it's not at all intuitive or obvious what to do, where to go, or who to talk to. This part of the quest needs arrows on the floor, glowing/waving NPC, etc.

    ok all my directions were massively wrong, just ignore it lol. all the doors and walls in the ship look alike.
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    there also used to be some bug where, when u talked to the npc in the bottom hold while still zoning into the ship hold, aka clicking on him rly rly quick on too much coffeein, the whole thing would glitch out. when that happens as i remembered you couldn't talk to lucy even though as the holdroom door remained locked.

    not sure if that's still a thing ...

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