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    Default Gingerspyce's week in videos: Crucible walkthrough and more

    Another Night Revels is behind us and I for one am hungover from weeks of long nights of farming epic past lives in this xp gold mine!

    The Crucible

    Veteran players can sometimes forget how scary some of the older quests can be to a new player. I vividly remember begging guildies who knew the quest and could do the swim to carry me through the dreaded Crucible of Gianthold, which was a flagging quest for Reaver's Fate back in the day.

    While The Crucible is no longer a flagging quest, it remains an important one because of its massive xp payout. My latest video, Gingerspyce Tiefling Druid episode 28 How to Solo R4 Epic Crucible, captures my first attempt at soloing this quest on epic R4. I show and discuss the mazes, tricks, traps and puzzles and how you can net yourself a quarter million xp in the terrifying gauntlet of death known as The Crucible.

    Demon Queen

    Also in the Tiefling Druid series I recently solo'd the Demon Queen raid on epic R3 for my first time. See how I do in Gingerspyce Tiefling Druid ep26: Solo R3 Epic Demon Queen raid.

    Update 44: Keep on the Borderlands
    I am super excited for update 44, which is going to deliver our next classic module, Keep on the Borderlands. Old school pen & paper D&D players know the importance of this module in D&D's history. For years it was the module that was included with the basic D&D box set and like for so many, it was my first module and so I am looking forward to Keep on the Borderlands more than any previous classic modules that we've seen in DDO thus far. On my Twitch live stream, I recently discussed the Update 44 Lamannia release notes, where I talk about some of the changes as well as loot and more that we'll see in 2019's upcoming classic module. I clipped the discussion and posted it on my Youtube channel, which you can check out at Discussing Update 44 Lamannia release notes.

    In other news, my sister is a fused glass artist. During the summers I help her during the street fair season. Among the items she makes are nightlights. During one of the street fairs this summer I asked her if she could make a beholder nightlight. She's not a D&D nerd like me so I had to show her what a beholder was. After seeing various artwork she said she'd do it and this is what she made for me!

    If you're interested, she made a few more beholder nightlights and ornaments, which you can find here.

    Thank you so much to all those who joined me in the live stream during Night Revels. It helped to keep me sane while repeatedly grinding the same quests in multiple 10 hour marathon live streams! Good times, but after racing through 5 epic past lives I'm perfectly happy not to see another Night Revels challenge until next year.

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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