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    Quote Originally Posted by LurkingVeteran View Post
    Since a sorc/wiz has almost twice the dps after the spell pass, it is difficult to motivate using the other casters outside of HC.
    Depends on the content, right now I hesitate between:

    Sorcerer => fast easy low <R4 zerg, low-moderate resource use

    Wizard => tanky, extreme survivability max dc caster, a bit more tedius to play than Sorcerer, but shouldnt sweat on R7+ with the right setup, moderate-high resource usage, should be easy to raid with as well

    Warlock => specced for raid soloing, moderate survival, moderate hitpower, moderate DC caster, @0 resources!4!

    I think Arcanes are a fairly tough toss right now, with maybe Singers and Arcanotechs on the less optimal side.

    That said Sorc enhancement trees are flat out horrible, most of the power comes from loot and destinies, and epic feats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlavoredSoul View Post
    ES warlocks (because the spec has never been good even before the repeated nerfs)

    Monks in general, occasional handwrap or shuriken (though most of the latter have TR'd to inquisitive) but it's been over a year since I've seen a WSS or henshin, I don't think I've seen a shortsword ninjaspy since MOTU.

    Rangers other than as a splash on throwers or inquisitive, I've seen 1 tempest ranger a few months ago and it's been forever since I've seen a bow ranger.

    EK in general but especially sorc EK.

    Wolfs are surprisingly rare and were so even before their nerf, despite being one of the few melee builds that can actually compete with inquisitive dps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pnumbra View Post
    I agree with this post.
    I don't, I think it's silly.

    Those are almost all builds that were very over-represented and now they aren't. Read some of the other posts to see classes/builds that really are rare.

    wraps monks were the only way to go after RL, shuriken have dominated ranged from I don't know how long ago right up to inquis, tempest spend more time as top melee DPS than any other, ES warlock is still one of the most survivable builds for a new character (not fast, but you will get it done). Accepted that EK is rare, but it's a niche build and it did see a lot of play right after it's pass. Wolves move in and out of favor based on which things work and don't work with them.
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    I mean when classes and enhancement trees get updated (and usually buffed) over time, it stands to reason that more people will play the newer stuff and less will play the older stuff.

    As far as what I don't see much of:
    • Stick builds.
    • Swashbucklers
    • Paladins
    • ES T5's (I have one parked @12 which is the only one I've seen in forever)
    • Druids

    I did have a party of 5 pure Wizards though

    Quote Originally Posted by janave View Post

    "Why care to have fun when you have 100+ PLs to go, and at least that many reaper points before you can feel really really good about your character sheets" xd.
    Honestly, this last week or two is the first time I've started to feel really good about a character @30. I'm running a PM DC caster, and with all of two caster PL's and 20ish Reaper points I am able to land DC's and useful DPS in R7+ which is crazy for a melee main.

    Quote Originally Posted by capsela View Post
    I saw an Archmage last night. I was amazed. He was a new player. He also casted a sigil of warding. Which looked really cool but I had never seen before. Nobody uses sigils even after they buffed them. Did they buff them I can't even tell?
    I've used Archmage for the PK SLA during heroics where it's worth conserving spell points? I've seen some fun stuff for Arcane Supremacy + Duration spells (like PM Aura).

    Sigils are surprisingly good for raids, it's just that people are still trying out twists etc since the ED pass, and nobody looks in Magister unless it's your main ED :P And if you're a Magister (and thus DC caster) you generally don't care about what they have to offer.

    But like 60 stacking energy resist is really good in KT, or 45 stacking spellpower for you and your buddies is decent if you have a bunch of casters dealing DPS (with 800 SP it's 5% DPS bonus as an AoE buff). Also you can run them on like a healer to buff other ppl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zehnvhex View Post
    Warlock is basically a ghetto Shiradi Sorc. You gives up some of the damage and self sustain for the ability to just hold down left click and yolo blast your way to victory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnabel View Post
    It's DDO. There are probably 6 different types of Evil damage.

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    Top 5 I see the least of:
    1. Paladins
    2. Fighter Vanguards
    3. Barbarians
    4. Spellsingers
    5. Caster Druids

    I play a Kensai/Vanguard (S&B 20 Dwarf DWA Fighter) and a Tempest (20 ranger dex based scimitar). Both are outstanding dps, but can't hold sustained agro on reaper. They are effective and a challenge to play (to achieve effectiveness), which I enjoy, but are limited to being "off-tanks."

    I'll occasionally run across another Tempest.

    I don't ever encounter other Fighter Vanguards.
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