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    Default Remnant Turn-ins: Let's Bring Back "Limited Time Rewards"


    There's no decent reason as to why I can't spend my hard-earned remnants how I want, when I want. I've been waiting to make some purchases but I always seem to miss the events when they roll around every few years. In fact the last time that I actually caught the vendor selling "limited time items" was back in 2016 when I had just enough rems to purchase two of the Eternal Flasks.

    Well it's been a few years and I'm getting tired of waiting.

    "There are so many people running around and so many LFMs that it actually doesn't feel like a single player game." - Some guy on HCL

    Also what the live servers would be like with server merges or cross-server grouping.

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    I'm not waiting for the limited time return - I got what I wanted last time - but it seems of no value to have those items time limited. You have my vote.

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    Pretty dumb to not allow players to spend what they've earned. I agree that those items should be permanent additions to the vendor

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