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    Quote Originally Posted by barecm View Post
    Wow, thank goodness we are looking at improving more throwing weapons. I mean longbows have been next to useless at higher levels basically since this game went live. But yeah, let’s work on making yet another form of ranged combat viable instead of fixing the most iconic version in DnD lore. Well done...
    Yeah, ranged combat with longbows SHOULD be the best; not shuriken/throwing what-ever/x-bows. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to change. Although, my toon with the most past lives has never equipped anything but a bow. Bottom line...if you're not a min-maxing/FotM type player, prepare to be less effective.

    Keep in mind that Flavor Builds (not FotM) CAN be a lot of fun and challenge (You just won't be accepted by many groups, especially raid).
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    They need a new feat. - Handful of gravel.

    Stat Requirement - have less than 8 INT and more than 12 STR
    Effect - a strong short range taunt.

    Basically you chuck the handful of gravel at the monster and
    scream at it. (a pretty strong attention grabber)

    Planescape City of Doors for DDO endgame. Even dying in certain places can create new adventures.

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