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    Default KotB bugs and hiccups

    Might as well get this ball rolling...

    (Edit - they know about a lot of this, including what I just posted. Read this first, like I didn't
    o )

    In the keep itself, there's a largish outdoor floor area that isn't supporting characters (both un/mounted), you fall right through.

    You are on server 11 at r3 lx394 ly1644 i11 ox48.19 oy89.25 oz271.29 h354.4. Game timestamp 11101.986.

    (Note - the Epic Trainer is here. You can still get to her if you walk on the thatch roof, then out on the railing.)

    Also (and obviously?), need a general vendor in the Keep (or to mark it on the map!), to sell spell mats, starter healer pots, ammo, etc. (edit - found them - southwest "corner" of the keep. All but the healing pots. Same 4 hirelings as Korthos, too.)

    Spirit Binder - north wall.

    Tavern - west end of the south wall

    Exit back to Stormreach/Eberron - center of south wall, up on 1st level walkway (large purple portal)

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    add no shield merchant
    Planescape City of Doors for DDO endgame. Even dying in certain places can create new adventures.

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    A land that I heard of once in a lullaby


    Spider crest in wilderness is blocked and cannot be picked up.
    Platform in keep is not supporting characters
    NPCs in keep need some pithy sayings..."Horse pucky" comes to mind as one

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