For some DDO veterans, getting to level 20 without dying may seem trivial. For others, getting to level 20 without ever dying once might feel like an impossible task. Yesterday I made a video to help those who are struggling to accomplish their goals on Hardcore.

For my Hardcore level 20 project, I used my favorite build, the Gingerspyce Caster/Healer/Quasi-tank. I felt this was a really good choice for Hardcore because of self-healing, higher defenses, aggro and damage deflectors with the wolf companion and summons, life-saving abilities like Spring's Resurgence and Winter's Heart, important buffs like Freedom of Movement and Deathward, and a host of other built-in abilities like striding, feather fall, fortification and more that I discuss in my video below.

In the video I also discuss my very cautious approach for safely leveling to 20, show and discuss how I chose which content to run, gear that I farmed and offer tips and advice for accomplishing other goals on Hardcore.

Hardcore League is still going through November 15, so there is still time earn your rewards and good luck to everyone who is still working on their Hardcore projects!

Much love,
Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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