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Thread: Farewell, Orien

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    Default Farewell, Orien

    To all my fellow Orien players,

    Just wanted to say farewell.
    Ashgar and his buddy Etcpwd are transferring to Ghallanda today.
    It has been many years of great fun!
    I wanted to say thank you to a special list of people who have truly enriched the DDO experience for me during my ten years on the server.

    To Lupey and Wishy for the pre reincarnation good times
    To the founders of Intl Req'd for the drama from destroying Lupey's guild
    To Yuriku and Illiyara for taking me in and showing me the ropes of epic lives and raiding
    To the Epic Fail crew for a hootin hollarin good time:
    Spanken, Superbeast, Yazz, Maxpowerone, Zorakis
    Y'all will be missed
    To all the raiding crew
    Ero, Thaz, Epicsoul, Epicsue, Titus, Arrowhavoc, Wydow, Icebeest, Trese
    Plus all the others whose names are lost in the fuzz of my mind.

    Good luck to everyone, great server with great people.
    May your gold rolls be 100, and the raid skunks be few and far between.


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    Traitors! Just kidding (haha), enjoy G-Land. You two will be missed.

    Best of luck,
    Epicsoul and Favoritesoul of Orien

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    jk. wish ya well!
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    Sad to lose you to another server.
    But ofc I wish you well and I hope Ghallanda is as welcoming as Orien.
    Take care.

    Beste, Titus. | playing since 2009 | Don't do the fun wrong | New to Orien? Join the ingame Titan Channel | Soko Irrlicht freut sich immer über neue Mitglieder | Deutscher Discord | Orien Raiding Discord Toons: Titusovid , Bruder, Upload, Zzed, (Rubbel)

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    Later *slams door* Wonder what's for dinner?....
    Shaox xKahn of Orien server

    ~Let me in....

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    This server wants to hear good news not read about players leaving for another server.
    We are trying to recruit more players on Orien not lose players and threads like this are just having a bad influence on players.
    Saying goodbye in PMs would have been classier and less condescending.
    I think writing this thread is selfish and not something cool to do on the forums.
    Its also contradictory to praise all these people you liked playing with and then turn your back on them.
    But to be fair I've been here almost 10 years and me too I think it would be super refreshing to start over incognito and meet hundreds of new players.
    I'm staying because I like this server for the good it has to offer and for the bad as well.

    I've nuked my post for the same reason I blame you for writing this thread.
    I'm not gonna give myself a free pass it was selfish and condescending of me to write a reply to this thread.
    I've had a good time laughing at my jokes all afternoon and that's enough.
    The Beauty and the Beast joke and the Abundant Stepping joke are still making me chuckle uncontrollably but I have censored them for the greater good.
    Goodbye & say hello to our friends in Phantom Company over there in Gland.
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    was a pleasure running with you both through the years.
    I know you will be missed here by many, but hope your experience in G-Land is just as rewarding!
    New friends, experiences, and the likes...


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