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    Default Gingerspyce's Night Revels 2019 first look and review

    Night Revels is the best of the special events that DDO offers. Every year we get a new challenge and new goodies including cosmetics and meaningful loot!

    New Challenge: Smashing Pumpkins
    With the exception of Eternity Unleashed, all the Night Revels challenges are reworks of other quests. This year Smashing Pumpkins is a rework of Stop Hazadill's Shipment, where instead of smashing crates we are smashing pumpkins! Fight animated pumpkins, play hide and seek with a spectral kobold and earn a whopping 72 black apples (ingredients used to purchase Night Revels loot at Joe Candymaker in House Jurasco, outside of Delera's Graveyard). While this one could be rather long solo, I think it could be done very quickly with a group. Check out our first look video below where I also show and discuss the new loots!

    New Loots
    Every year we've gotten a new color variation of the cosmetic Reaper Plate. This year gives us the long-awaited purple version that I can't wait to get for Voodu! You can also acquire matching helmet and cloak for all colors of the Reaper Plate. 2019 also brings us new weapon variations of the Spectral Dagger, including a Spectral Great Axe, Spectral Longbow, Spectral War Hammer and Spectral Great Crossbow! Each comes in a level 4-8-12-16-20-24-28 version. I love using the Spectral Dagger because it's a very nice lowbie vorpal option for heroic reaper questing and is made of force, so can't be damaged by rust monsters and oozes! Longbow, Great Crossbow, War Hammer and Great Axe users rejoice! Excellent additions for 2019!

    Key Farming
    If you missed it last year, in 2018 key farming in Night Revels was changed to a private dungeon instance that plays like a challenge. Last year I showed how a fire sorc can smoke the key farming instance in less than 3 minutes, making it a good xp farm and I love to use Night Revels to knock out a few epic past lives. If you're interested in seeing how you can farm keys and xp quickly, check out my video Night Revels 2018 key farming solo speed run 2:36 fire sorc!

    Get Your xp!
    The first time xp for each challenge is huge! With a 20% xp pot, I netted just over 200k xp for the first run of Smashing Pumpkins. Successive runs won't give as much as the first, but make sure you at least cash in on well over a million xp that can be quickly had by running all of the Night Revels 2019 challenges! After your first time in each challenge, stick to the key farming instance if you're just interested in farming xp. You don't need a key to enter the key farming challenge and as I show in the video above, you can consistently earn 18k xp (or more with an xp pot!) every 3 minutes!

    Get Your Candies!
    I want to make a special note that Darkswirl Caramel Bite, Almond-Coated Shadow Apple and Sweet Cinnamon Cloud are not consumables. They are clickies that provide nice little stacking bonuses to melee and ranged power, spell power, PRR, MRR and dodge. Despite what their text says, they will probably last until next year's Night Revels, as they have done in the past. Each buff last 1 hour, with a 2 hour cooldown and they have no minimum level! Also don't forget to stock up on Deathward and Restoration potions!

    While Night Revels is a model special event, bringing us new loot and challenges every year since its release in 2015, there are some outdated items that are in need of updates such as the level 16 version of Cloak of Night only having 2% dodge or the level 16 and 20 versions of Robe of Shadow only have +1 and +2 Necromancy.

    I always have tons of fun during Night Revels and will probably spend most of my DDO time in Night Revels for the entirety of the event, which is scheduled to go through November 3rd. If you want to stop in and visit to see how we're doing in Night Revels, check us out live streaming nearly every day at my Twitch channel vooduspyce.

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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    Default "Do Me A Favor?"

    Smashing Pumpkins....Mr. Taft - is that a political statement?
    TY for vid, very helpful!!!
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