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    Default DDO Players News Episode 239 – Of Dice And Cheeseburgers

    This we talk the chronicle, Night Revels and Wendy’s?


    THANK YOU SO MUCH! for all your support over the past 5 years! The community is the best! We are a bit different show vs the other DDO podcast/sites, you all are the best!
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    Drac was wondering if there was anyone who played DDO on a mac. I for one do indeed play on my mac laptop.

    My home computer is a PC but when I'm on the road I'll log in on my mac laptop. I always have it open as a second screen for quick searches or quest maps. I have not been able to log in since DDO has left me no option but to upload the newest version of the game. This does not work with my laptop at the moment. I am sitting in a hotel in Miyako City in Northern Japan looking forward to enjoying the World Cup Rugby, Canada vs. Namibia match and tried to log in from the hotel but it doesn't work.

    I have not downloaded the new version of the IOS but it would be ideal for the game worked on the IOS the game will actually work. I expect these things will sort themselves out over the week, I am OK with not logging in for a day.
    REALLY. I am fine.

    I am more concerned about the new information that the rugby game may be cancelled due to unprecedented levels of rain with the typhoon passing through. As an aside, Miyako City was hit really hard with the tsunami in 2011, you can find the videos are on the Youtubes.
    I will make sure to buy lots of souvenirs for friends and do what I can to support the area a bit.

    *edit* I was able to log on this morning from the hotel, it looks like it had to down load the entire game again. Oh, and the rugby game was cancelled in the end. Understandable, all train lines have been immobilized since 2pm yesterday.

    *re-edit* wait a sec now I can't log in, I seem to be caught in that terrible mid-phase of not really knowing where I stand with things. However, I do have 5 links for DDO on my desk top that all do different variations of nothing - very pretty.
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