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    THF & TWF Centered Fighter Greatsword & Longsword Build 8/6/6 Ftr/Pal/monk (aasimar)

    So this build is as yet untested in epics or high reapers but that is definitely where its meant to be. I'm posting here to see if people have ideas on how to optimize the split, the level order, stat attribution and gear load out

    So here is my base stats; (+7 Supreme Tome)
    STR 16
    DEX 10
    CON 14
    INT 8
    WIS 16
    CHA 16

    Feat list (in no particular order):
    1)Power Attack
    3)Great Cleave
    4)Overwhelming Critical (slashing)
    5)Knights Training
    7)Weapon Focus slashing
    8) Weapon specialization slashing
    9)Greater Weapon Focus
    10) Two Handed Fighting
    11) Improved Two Handed Fighting
    13) Greater Two Handed Fighting
    14) Two Weapon Fighting
    15) Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    16) Greater Two Weapon Fighting
    17) Master of Forms
    18) Grandmaster of Forms
    19) Overwhelming Critical

    Some considerations when looking at optimal level order:
    -Monk BAB doesn't scale in a linear fashion and could feat lock the build.

    -You need to take Power Attack, THF and TWF as your three monk feats if you want to fit all the feats which means that lvl 6 monk can only be taken at lvl 11 or later.

    -You can only take Master of Forms and gmof after you've taken all 6 monk levels

    -For heroic levelling TWF is largely pointless and its specifically in the build to deal with high HP raid bosses so back loading most of these feats into epics seems fine

    -Paladin has the best Heroic T5 of the 3 classes so getting 5 pally levels by level 12 seems like a good idea, playing uncentered also seems fine until the Retribution DC drops off

    I'd like some input on what gear to use for this build;
    considerations for gear;
    High Wisdom required (Aasimar heals+will save)
    High CHA required (Pally goodness)
    High STR this is after all a melee build

    Already Planning to use:
    Part of the Family set (3 items)
    Soulrazor (make 2 or is there a good off-hand longsword to pair with it so I don't need so many schisms?)
    Perfect Pinnacle
    Brand Artifact (filigree reccomendations other than Prowess?)

    What Goggles,Belt,cloak, Trinket, necklace should be used?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodskittle View Post
    I'm posting here to see if people have ideas on how to optimize the split
    Maybe look at defensive sweep pure 20 fighter, or 20 tempest, or 15 paladin 5 tempest if you are into multiclassing.
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