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    Default looking for guild

    im a returning player decided to roll a few lvl 10s here because i heard its the most populated server. i have toons on other servers but didnt feel like transfering them over since they are all on first life and not lvl cap. i havent played in 10 years im doing mostly faction quests and other quests lvl 10 below to get money and all that but im lonely. i dont mind playing alone but this is an mmo and it'd be nice to have a person or two with me to do content. im 42 like to smoke weed every now and then while i play so hope that dont bother you. i use push to talk with discord im not one of them that lets the world hear me chew my food. character name is Pirmin Dundragon, my play time is from usually noon to midnight Texas time. Also im a bit shy like im not good with people i tend to say dumb things sometimes ,not racist or something just bad humor.

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    If you want someone to run with send Syngallong a mail message and friend me so we can run together.

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