When D&D originally started up, back in 1977 I was a player/DM. I played WoW online with my kids a bit until DDO came online and I played from day one, for about 4 years with The Legion of Doom on Riedra. After the merge with Khyber, everyone seemed to have went their separate ways and so ended my DDO career.

I had a lot of fun while I played and gathered a lot of gold and things and I wanted to find a server to start playing on again, although I am really unsure where to go since I dropped by Khyber and saw how dead that it was.

I have 6 toons :
I believe that their levels are as follows, but not positive:
10 Pali
8 Clc
8 Rog
8 Brb
6 Ftr/Rog
and, I'm not sure.. A few of my toons are Dark elfs.

If you know of a populated server and Guild to hook up with, let me know.
If you were in the same Guild as me, stop by and say Hey.