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    Default Please add counter or something to spells like touch of idiocy.

    I like the game a lot, but i cannot let my eye pass over things like touch of idiocy and lesser used spells. What i think could make these spells better is if there was a counter or just a mark like stoneskin's number or anything that if you examine an enemy the touch of idiocy would show how much the 1d6 reduces their intelligence, wisdom and charisma by, because if i use it, i don't know if they have -5 to will save -3/2/1 depending on 1-6 lost wisdom.(so it ranges between -6 will save and -8 for sure, but that 1 or 2 for me counts.)

    I don't want to change the spell by anything base, but a better readability would be good.
    I mean, if you play tabletop, as far as i know this is something you throw for, so you know how much the intelligence is reduced by, because in the game it is not listead as -1Wis like a normal ability damage.

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    A little transparency would be nice. But I have to say, the players don't know the result, just the effect. The GM rolls... So a clear number would be bad, imo. But maybe it is possible to implement a color coding? If the wizard starts to drool and babbles incoherently, I notice that.

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