Well, keepin' it short!
Pretty much says in the Title already, im a returning player, i played since Release.

I remember my old Guild: The Prophets

Some Alts i remember:

Buggs - Basically the best Guild leader there is, funny and smart. just what you want in a guild leader!
Adianna - Basically Batman and a badass woman!
Dwarfy i dont remember your name, but we used to battle for the dungeon kills alot, you as a Fighter and me as a Barbarian, it was fun mate!

Server: unknown unfortunatly /;

Now to my Info, i was a Warforged Barbarian (lvl 12, cap at that time).. Guild The Prophets.

If any1 can help me find my people that would be awsome, ill try to make a Post on the DDO-Facebook Fanpage, there are some livestreams from time to time, check it out if you want, ill try to reach out on that Page too! :-)

Anyway glhf2every1

Greets, Zynko:-)