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    I mean, we did win in 1967...

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    It would be nice to see, in-game, a tag showing other players what type of account you have (so f2p, Premium, or VIP), and... it wouldn't hurt the game at all because everybody's already VIP. Maybe on their bio somewhere off to the side or something like that...

    It's just for grouping. I don't need to be getting carried all the time, ya' know what I mean?
    We only need to wait for all the 40 year olds in this game to start dying off, then it's Asheron's Call for DDO.

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    I don't really see how that would be relevant to PUGs showing a player's Account status on their Character sheet. Other than obviously an active VIP Account has access to all the premium quests. Or can open Elite on a "first life" Character and a few other perks like skipping Sagas. Visit the Hardcore Server, if you want to see VIP Players regularly dying at very low level.

    Current account type; doesn't tell you anything about the quality or group helpfulness of the player - I've never been VIP. Neither do TR Wing icons indicate a player's ability other than they attained enough XP to reach level 20 at some stage on that Character.

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