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    Default Public bug reports forum section

    There is a section for bug reports, but players rely on the general forums for it. This means that often, in discussing builds, we reference ancient public forum posts (clunky, inconvenient). At this point, wouldn't it be more convenient to have a visible bug report section, where players could see what others are reporting?

    Lots of people seem to find forum posting more convenient / effective / public service oriented that feeling in those bug reports that may be going unseen. Of course it doesn't help that those posts are the ones that get, generally speaking, the most dev attention of all.

    Please, discuss.

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    I dont really see that there is anything to discuss.

    A very good idea though. As we have seen then some bugs need more digging than a simple bug report, and Lynnabel has been able to find the cause and fix lots of bugs after feedback in various threads before. A bug report section on the forums would be very useful I think.

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    I think it would do some good. Nice idea.
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    I think it's a well intentioned idea that could easily go bad.

    Mostly because it could start making some bugs that should legitimately be called abuse more public, and making more people aware of ways to trick the system in unintended ways can go down in flames rather quick.

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    Default ???

    There are channels already in place for bug reporting. I don't understand the need for another.

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