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    Default Ghosts of Perdition - Still not right

    Ran it on R1 this evening... things I see happening:

    At some point after the 1st encounter upon entry... all critters start bypassing Fort as if you didn't have any.. I'm running with just under 300 Fortification, and all of a sudden, every hit is a crit. EVERY.... hit.

    I was 28, with nearly 300 PRR and 200 MRR. Not only is every one of their shots critting, but I suddenly do virtually nothing for damage. They shrug off all my CC, none of my debuffs are having an effect. After they kill me and I jibbers back.. it seems to reset and everything is the way its SUPPOSED to be.. for several minutes... then it starts all over again.

    This has been going on for over a year....

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    I ran this in August, on HR3, had no problems whatsoever... but, I ran it back in March wanting to farm something from it. I first ran it on ER1, and was getting obliterated. So I dropped to EH and ran it 8 times. This is on the same toon that I run all other content, including new content, on ER1-2 with no issues. At the time I just forgot about it but it's quite possible the things you describe were happening and I just didn't notice the full details.

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