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    I haven't played druid much , so not an expert on it . Adding an enhancement tree to druid that is based around poison , bugs ,snakes ,spiders , decay , maybe fungus and mold . sounds cool to me anyway. I don't see a lot of people playing caster druids . so this could add another role to the game of a debuffer with poison . not going into details about exact abilities rn , just wanted to put the idea out there , hope this reaches the Devs

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    The druid spell list already has some spells like you describe, having some acid based dots that are insect themed that are pretty good. Likewise, Season's Herald does support those damage types when they are in the winter season mode. I agree having more bio based spells for Druid would be really cool though. Especially high level where the druid list starts to really falter (Only 5 L9 Druid Spells? 3 of which require a certain mode, c'mon)

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    Probably going to see a lot of poison spells when Alchemist rolls around. Granted, they'll be exclusive...
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