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    Default The Astral Avenger, a pure monk staff build.

    This is an advanced wisdom based, pure monk, staff build utilizing the falconry tree for wisdom to attack and damage. The idea is having all the perks monks get and doing aoe melee dps while being able to use some wisdom based combat abilities like quivering palm, drifting lotus, everything is nothing etc. It's a build more about having fun with special attacks than maxing out melee dps.

    The Astral Avenger
    20 Monk
    Lawful Good

    36 points build
    Strength 13 +4 tome required
    Dexterity 13
    Constitution 16
    Intelligence 8
    Wisdom 20 +all 7 stat raises
    Charisma 8

    Skills I recommend are:
    search (helps for finding secret doors)
    1 point in tumble
    2 half points in perform (for npc checks)
    spot (if you have high int tome)

    Feats breakdown
    L1 Bond of the Fallen, Power attack, Cleave
    L2 Two handed fighthing
    L3 Completionist, Fists of Darkness or Fists of Light
    (that depends on what t5 you want to get in the Henshin Mystic tree, Fists of Light can allow you to take an attack that inflicts negative leves in enemies around you and Fists of Darkness will allow you to take an attack that heals for a small amount allies around you, including you. It heals for 100 points and it doesnt benefit from spellpower, just healing amp.
    L6 Great Cleave, Swords to plowshares
    L9 Improved two handed fighting
    L12 Improved Critical bludgeoning
    L15 Greater two handed fighting
    L18 Weapon focus bludgeoning
    L21 Overwhelming critical
    L24 Improved martial arts (not exactly sure if it works with staffs, inventory screen won't show an increase)
    L26 Perfect two handed fighting
    L27 Blinding Speed (depends if you have attack speed item on your setup or not, if yes then take epic damage reduction)
    L28 Tactician
    L29 Dire charge
    L30 Scion of the astral plane, Epic fortitude (can help to save nasty spells on reaper even if you roll a 1)

    I 'm proposing enhancement assuming you have 12 extra racial action points from racial past lives and +2 racial action point tome and also having the +1 universal action point from Sharn. If you dont have that many or none extra you can skip the Ninja Spy tree, some points in the Falconry tree, although you need at least 23 in that tree. So if you dont have any extra action points you can just spend 23 in Falconry tree instead of 27 and dont take anything in Ninja Spy tree which is 11 points.

    Aasimar tree 16 points
    All cores, Fight the wicked (all 3), Improved recovery I and II, True resilience: Fallen 1/3, Ascendant Bond: Fallen

    Henshin Mystic 41 points
    All cores
    All attacks that lead to Void Strike including Void Strike
    All 5 Staff Training
    Way of the Clever Monkey
    Quick Strike 3/3,
    Lighting the Candle 3/3
    Embrace the Void 1/3
    Wisdom I and Wisdom II
    Staff Specialization
    Darkness cannot exist without light or the opposite

    Falconry 27 points
    Cores: Bird choice, Wisdom, Well Rounded I
    Rugged 3/3
    Practised Accuracy 2/2
    Killer Instict I, Killer Instict II
    Watch the Center 2/3
    Diving attack strike 1/3
    Action boost Sprint 1/3
    Go for the eyes strike 1/3
    Deadly Instict 3/3
    No Mercy 3/3
    Expose Weakness

    Ninja Spy 11 points
    Cores: Basic Ninja training, Advanced Ninja training, Shadow Veil
    Sneak attack training I
    Acrobatic 3/3
    Agility 3/3

    Epic Destiny: Grandmaster of Flowers
    Wisdom I
    A Dance of Flowers 3/3
    Wisdom II
    Hail of Blows
    Running with the Wind 2/3 (it's just for the doublestrike, if you dont want to use a speed item take all 3 points)
    Wisdom III
    Standing with the Stone 2/3
    Piercing Clarity 2/2
    Drifting Lotus
    Dancing with Flames 3/3
    Devastating Critical
    A Scattering of Petals
    Everything is Nothing

    Twists of Fate
    Martial Hymn t4 from fatesinger
    Action Boost: Haste t3 from LD
    Momentum Swing t2 from LD
    Legendary Tactic t1 from LD
    Boullder's Might t1 from Fury

    other possible twists are
    Sense Weakness t4 from Fury
    Extra Action Boosts t1 from LD
    Cocoon t1 from Primal Avatar
    Meld into Darkness t3 frm Shadowdancer

    I don't own Sharn yet so I haven't indulged into a Sharn item build. When I get the items I need from Sharn quests and raids I'll do an equipment update on my post.
    I'll post what i have so far with Ravenloft gear and some Slave Lords gear.

    Weapon: Sireth: Spear of the Sky or Staff of Shadows with DR breaking augments on them
    Filigrees: The Long Shadow: attack and damage, melee power, reflex
    One against many melee power, Sucker punch melee power, One Against Many/Sucker Punch +2 str +4 melee power raid filigree
    Treachery: melee power, critical confirmation
    (this grandmaster of flowers build isnt heavy on action boosts so i don't use Prowess set at all, some other choices include the Next Fall filigrees from Sharm and the raid +2 wisdom filigree)

    Silent Avenger Set from Ravenloft
    Body: Legendary Disciple of Dawn, deathblock topaz
    Cloak: Legendary Shadowhail Cloak, good luck +2 zapphire
    Waist: Legendary Braided Cutcord, globe of true imperial blood aug

    Helm: Legendary Executioner's Helm, slaver's might set spell points topaz maybe if you use cocoon
    Eyes: Visions of Precision, +2 festive wisdom, master gift (this is a raid item,, if you dont have it you can maybe use a crafted item of wisdom and insighfull wisdom)
    Wrists: Legendary Bracers of the Fallen Hero, false life zapphire
    Ring 1: Legendary Ring of Prowess, charisma diamond
    Ring 2: Ring of Lies, Ring of Deceit or Seal of House Avithul for the improved deception effect
    Feet: Slave Lords Shackles, Sheltering 45 (for the mrr bonus), Armor Piercing 28, Concetration 22, Quality Wisdom 4, slaver's might set, golem's heart augment maybe
    Neck: Slave Lords Chains, Constitution 17, Heal 22 (can be something else here), Resistance 14, Quality constitution 4, slave's might set, draconic soul gem augment
    Gloves: CC crafted, Doublestrike 17, insightfull combat feat dc 6, insightfull accuracy 11, featherfall topaz
    Trinket: Crafted cc trinket, Dodge 15, Healing amp 59, insightfull deadly 5

    I use the Ocean stance to boost my wisdom, for defensive bonuses and as well for passive ki regen.
    I am selective on when to turn on the Lighting the Candle stance. It reduces the ki you get when you hit enemies so if you want to use a lot of ki abilities often then turn it off. If you have an enhanced ki item though you can always have it on.
    I'm trying to have the deadly instinct buff from falconry always up using bird attacks to get charges back. It increases your damage as well as your combat feat dc based on your wisdom score.
    Also I try to always have the Shadow Veil up all the time.
    This build has way too many special attacks if you include the monk special attacks and finishers, you dont have to use everything really but here's what i use the most.
    Cleave attacks when you encounter many like dire charge for aoe and mass stun, boulder's might, great cleave and cleave, Quick Strike for the doublestrike boost, Void Strike, Momentum Swing, Quivering Palm**, Shadows cannot exist without Light (or the opposite) for heals, diving attack strike and go for the eyes strike from falconry, drifting lotus, scattering of petals, everything is nothing and Cauldron of Flames
    I have 7 charges of haste boost on my build and i use it when i think it's suitable like boss, mini-boss fights or other big encounters.

    ** Quivering Palm is an instakill monk melee attack, if you want this to work on legendary content you need lots of wisdom and maybe fighter past lives as well, items don't increase the dc, you can only increase it with lots of wisdom, general combat feats dc ifeats and enhancements and also the falconry deadly instinct boost (it's like Know the Angles but based on wisdom).
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    Default Future item setup.

    Dungeon Master: "We become something different after dark. Our dull daytime existence ends. Our petty little worries fade with the light. When the night comes, we see new possibilities."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giorgakis View Post
    I'd be very curious to see your gear setup.
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