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    Default Cant wear reaper eyes and favor eyes at same time

    Sad face
    Triple All

    Ghallanda forever.

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    Four-eyes ?
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tapper this dale."
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tap on this dale."
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tap on this tale."
    English is not my first language - misinterpretations galore !

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    I thought it was odd that they choose two cloaks for rewards on hard core. They could have chosen something to allow you to show both rewards at the same time. I think a blood dripping weapon effect would have been better than a second cloak or a unique ioun stone or anything but a redundant slot item. The best reward would have been something like the little wings by your name you get from TRing or changing your name color hell, the more I think about it, the more options comes to mind.

    Be glad the eyes aren't self only I guess.
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