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    As a filthy casual, I'd just like to say this "recovery" is a very decent move by SSG.

    Kinda justifies my spending over $200 on a "free" game!

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    Default What is it this time, Fen?

    Thanks! I had just purchased the 10 year anniversary on the faint hope I could still get a turn in for a Quiver of Alacrity, and was worried the bug would lose shared banked items.

    uhmm.... about that Quiver... no joy for the money I spent, but Christmas is just around the corner. Just saying

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    Default No 10 slots

    I need a little help here please. I did not receive the 10 extra bank slots I am VIP and after the downtime I had the same number of slots I have always had. I submitted a ticket and a dev said known issue check the forums. I checked couldn't find anything where people were having problems. I went back and checked I paid ddo points for all slots I have when will I receive the 10 extra.
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