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    Liked the chain overall, once the run is streamlined I could see it being a bit over an hour to an hour and a half, a solid run.
    I like that there is another flying quest in the game now. The crest search in that one will take some doing but if they all can be located in regular locations I'm sure groups can streamline that real quick. It looks like people are still in the throes of trying to figure out how to make it work.
    Nice loot in the chain, some fair set bonuses.
    From what I've seen of the loot, some look very nice. The negative healing amp armor looks bada$$.
    Don't want to spoil anything but the spider and rat monsters are awesome!!
    I like that Sharn has been filled out a bit and the dock area has been better utilized.
    The pit fight was cool, wasn't sure what was going to happen stepping in there for the first time but the DMs voice gives a good hint.
    The puzzles 'look' interesting. It looks like smaller blocks are being used which adds detail. The final quests puzzle looks very colorful, again I don't want to give too much away but overall its a visually complex space.Puzzles are puzzles, will need to apply the mind to get them sorted out.
    Finally I like that the chain does not need to be done in a particular order. I can understand the desire to have players run the entire chain and not just pick or choose their favorites but it't nice not having to worry about if I talked to the right dude where, in the right order and how many times.
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    I have a random question:

    Why is there an identical "Defeat the Wandering Forgewraith" optional after you drop down into the sewer pit section found in both Safety in Numbers and the Underlane Assignment quests? Why have the same exact optional in two quests (which, I realize, use the same map pretty much).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DANTEIL View Post
    I have a random question:

    Why is there an identical "Defeat the Wandering Forgewraith" optional after you drop down into the sewer pit section found in both Safety in Numbers and the Underlane Assignment quests? Why have the same exact optional in two quests (which, I realize, use the same map pretty much).
    I wondered the exact same thing last night. I think the adjectives cheap and lazy came to mind. But then I realized it is the same area as the previous quest, you just entered from another direction. So now my adjectives are bravo and neat. (And yes, I realize bravo is not actually an adjective.)
    What do you mean a -6 armor class is no good anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    Mandatory secret door not secret, opens on its own after the Money Fight. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
    I think the current pathing issue is sometimes preventing the scared promoter from opening the door. I've found him running into the wall near the door twice, but it hasn't stopped me as I'm playing a trapper at the moment. Would be more of a problem without spot/search, I imagine.

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    Thumbs up

    <Possible minor spoilers>

    Please note that these are my own views and thoughts and do not invalidate yours if you disagree with them.

    Overall I'd say that I would give a thumbs up to the pack.

    For me my favourite quests are:

    Members Only - I do like multiple ways to get to the final objective and Chuffy should appear in other Sharn quests.
    The Offshore Account - Interesting NPC protagonist who I actually want to help rather than slaughter on the spot (unlike some NPCs who will remain nameless).

    Least favourite:

    Safety in Numbers: Slog through mobs until you get to a final encounter where you slog through waves of mobs! The story isn't interesting and there is no interaction at the end to take the story forward.


    Finding Dorris: It is fairly linear quest where you slog through lots of mobs to find a boss at the end. Finding the clues is a bit of a pain with first run is a bit of a pain, but personally wouldn't mark it down for that. The end fight is OK, but it is not difficult to get rid of any traps making the fight trivial. What raises it to middling is the end part, this pushes the story forward.

    The Underlane Assignment: this is a pure slog quest with some annoying random crest placements. What raises it to middling is the 3D element with flying around. The end fight is uninteresting and does not really advance the story that much. Why oh why have you put the interesting side laser quest in as it has no bearing on what is going on and does not add or further the story? It must have taken the devs a long time to add for so little usefulness - at least put one of the crests in there to give it some relevance.

    Soul Survivor: The art department should get a good pat on the back - it is lovely and different ambience. It is nice that you have to use your brain to solve some of the puzzles rather that relying on hack and slash. The conclusion is interesting and hopefully we'll meet again. The downside is that the end fight can be a lag-fest and it can be a pain fighting as a melee getting chain stunned during the lag-fest.

    Overall in terms of length some of the quests are overlong slog fests; my favourites are actually the two shortest quests. Please give the person who decides on defining them as short, medium, etc. an atomic wedgie as they do not seem to correspond the the actual time taken.

    I have run these quests both as melee and caster and the speed difference and ease is depressing for my melee.

    One final thing, please make the notes easier to find even if this means that you reduce or remove the xp for finding them. They add to the story and can help explain what is going on.

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