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    Question Need Advice on Opening My Very Small Guild to Other Players

    For about five years now, I have been quietly running a guild with myself and one very close friend. We have heavily invested in the guild, purchasing the largest available guild ship, and populating it with every amenity we can install at our current guild level. I think this is impressive, considering that it's all from just two players and their characters. However, my attention to the game is waning, and my friend and I realize this work and money will all go to waste, unless we develop the guild and find someone worthy to hand it off to when the time comes. To be clear: I am NOT "selling" this guild, or looking to walk away tomorrow. I literally just re-upped my VIP, and I'm planning to buy the Sharn Expansion as soon as it hits the DDO Store. I am looking to open invitations to the guild, but I don't know what to ask of a new member. We've been VERY private until now, so neither of us knows much about guild etiquette, member requirements, limitations, communications, etc.

    I don't know what other guilds usually ask of their members. Do you other guilds charge your members with supplying the guild a certain number of shards or platinum in a given time period? If not, then how do you pay for new amenities? Do you have a method for deciding who gets officer status, or is it just granted more or less "automatically" to players who are online a lot? Should I be looking for players in similar geographical areas, or is that immaterial? Any and all advice is surely welcome here. I don't know where to start.

    I do know this much: while I'm fine with kids playing, I prefer a more mature attitude in players I game with. If you just wanna zerg around and face-roll your toon, you don't need a guild for that anyways. Aside from that, I welcome the idea of old, new, VIP, FTP, whatever. I've been all of them, and it's cool with me.

    Guild Name: Axelrodd's Angels (38), Argonessen Server, mostly play 7pm-10pm EST, most nights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrisJolliff View Post
    ...I don't know what to ask of a new member...
    There is no protocol or Standard Operating Procedure or expectations or "right" questions, except whatever the leader/officers make for their guild.

    You probably want to find "like minded" players, who run at the same speed as you do, with more or less the same game goals and attitude. Or maybe you want folk a little above your level to help you, or a little below your level who you can teach (and mold?).

    Some Guilds have websites with complex forms and application procedures - ymmv. But, me, I would make it clear that no one is in at first - it's a mutual probationary period, while you look at them AND they look at you! No one is "in" until after that, at least.

    If it were me, I'd not ask anything, except for ~them~ to say what they are looking for in a guild. That way there is no "right" answer except an honest one - if it's a fit, it's a fit, and if not, they didn't want to be there anyway. You should(?) know a good fit when you see it.


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    Getting members is easy, keeping them is the tricky part. Especially when you're a tiny level 38 guild.
    Expect larger guilds to poach your members for themselves. I tried running a guild of my own, well several in fact, and this happened every time.
    Some big guild with hundreds of members and the best ship with all the amenities extended an invite to a member of my guild, and they just couldn't resist the siren song.
    It was an endless battle to keep the guild(s) alive, and at some point I just gave up and let membership wane.

    It's your guild, you make the rules, you can demand whatever from the members you like, and they can choose whether they're fine with it, or if they'd rather join some other guild.

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    like you I have been running a small guild for a long time, there are only two members me and one other player, we are pretty much solo players with multiple toons, the other player also runs his own solo guild - we are both on Cannith Server

    I can only suggest that you and your friend seek like minded players and build up from there. Or start a new guild for recruiting other players and maintain your old guild just for you and your friend. Which I am currently in the throws of doing.

    Be flexible, but ensure there are some guild rules as well. Depending how active you are going to be, it is possible to maintain guilds at a certain level.

    Don't be put of by leavers who join higher level guilds. Just remember all guilds simply reach a point that they have the same buffs.

    Players choose guilds by the amount of player activity., what buffs they might get and how sociable it is. Big Guilds try to get as many players as they can [especially new players] to maintain the Guild level [ more guildies = more quests being done = more reknown overall]

    As to recruiting you can do it on the forums or in game - your choice. Just remember it is your guild

    My two guilds are on Cannith Service Triskellian [82] Foundation Trust and Black Pearl [level on going but below 20 I think lol]

    As to the players joining, you can only find out what they are like once you have played with them - so join someone and see how they perform before inviting them. If you think you are not going to get along - then you don't need to recruit them.

    Guilds which are 100+ they have a slight advantage of being able to provide new members with players to run with and Buffs which are not available to low level guilds. But to be honest, small guild has a an advantage as it doesn't suffer degeneration over time if the Guild is not getting constant reknown in, it is why 100+ guilds are always constantly recruiting, the amount of reknown is lower compared to small and tiny guilds [small amount of active players], it is also why I can maintain my main guild with just two players and multiple toons - provide decent buffs to those I invite on ship to receive ship buffs.

    The other guild I am planning to run, I need to get it to certain level before i open it up.

    All in all - just remember to have fun, don't stress out.
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