Let me lead off saying that I have played this game for a while... Like a LOT. And most of the people that still play the game have been playing just as long and are probably one of the most loyal fan bases in existence.

This being said, I am so DISTRAUGHT about how melee has grown in this game. There is absolutely no room for a melee to play this game in high end content and still catch up with the casters, and heaven forbid we talk about the fury shot rangers. I really just want to see melee have a CHANCE to compete with those playstyles. I understand that I can come off brash in comments that I've made in the forums, as I'm not the most elegant person when it comes to stating my thoughts, but I thought I would try to points out some of the issues that I think exist.

1. Melee are the front runners! They are the ones that have to get hit to deal some serious damage. Instead of a little blue bar that can be refilled endlessly, melee fighters have to exchange their RED bar to do damage. I feel that the way that the devs have pushed ENORMOUS amounts of damage to try and kill the rangers and casters before they can run away has left the melees at odds with taking damage. It has become a game of who can use their meld and be useful for 12 seconds while I have a 1/20 chance of getting hit. I don't know how you fix this, but it has to change....

2. The balance between caster, ranged, and melee are NOT correct. Why in the world should there be a first life caster toon (sorc or wiz) running a build that solos R3 with one meteor swarm to clear the room in sharn? There isn't a good reason. At the moment, casters a fearfully overpowered with the new dragon breath and energy burst. I think the only thing that needed to happen was the DC changed. That way instead of the casters always doing half damage with their energy burst they can now do full damage. In the last update the devs changed way too many things at the same time which resulted in an unbalanced update to the casters.

In case you don't remember what they changed:
5% elemental spell crit multiplier per core of draconic - 25%
Added meta magics to energy burst and dragon breath- an extra 375ish% damage
Lowered the cooldown on dragon breath to 25 secs - instead of 2 minutes (HUGE CHANGE. This in itself made the tree overpowered. now you clear whole rooms every encounter because this SLA has MASSIVE base damage dice and the cooldown is too short.)
Fixed the DCs on energy burst (this is the only thing that needed to happen. The underperformance that the devs saw from this ability was EVERYTHING saving against it at endgame)

3. There are only a select few melee builds that are high reaper viable in end game. The rest of the builds are TRASH. Every good build is nerfed because it was "too powerful" when the Sorc and Wiz in the background proceed to Mass Hold and then nuke the entire room into oblivion with a 30k energy burst on R10. Its ridiculous. Or perhaps look over at the ranger who holds every mob in place with Paralyzing arrows and pins them for helpless and then fury shooting the line of 10 mobs down in one shot. And meanwhile the melee is getting beaten with a nerf bat trying to breath... Why cant melee fury cleave and hit everything around them for 400% damage? How could that be over powered when the base dice on bows are just as much as the base dice on a 2 handed weapon?

There are a lot of things that I think are messed up and need a complete overhaul. Melees need to be fixed or the devs could just "not support that playstyle anymore" in reaper.