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    Default completionist blues

    i'm a completionist dammit I want to be able to instakill as a wizard and do some dps.

    21 points in Archmage (getting PK SLA), 41 points in Pale Master(getting capstone), Tiefling 20 points (2 racial points) getting all the fire goodies. Feats - spell focus : necro, illusion, enchant. greater spell focus - necro, illusion, enchant. spell penetration, greater spell penetration, completionist, heighten, quicken. the fire debuff works well as a fire savant, I imagine geared up it would work well with wizard as well. will it be tough to gear for Necro, Illusion and fire (as well as get as much enchant as I can)? probably will have to see if it's impossible. i'm trying to bite off too much to handle high level reaper, but I think it would work in lowish reaper.

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