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    Default Please discuss viability of Barbarian mechanics at current meta

    Good day.

    As a random and casual DDO player, I would like to hear your ideas about this humble brainstorming about Barbarian class. Please explain why would it be better or worse or add response if you think the class abilities would be overpowered compared to other classes. Should it be basic barbarian class or a new Iconic Barbarian.

    Would base Barbarian class abilities function better for survival during non stop melee action , if it had got ;

    1) Extra reflex saves and better dodge mechanics at least at Occult slayer enhancement tree; Barbarian level 3 Resistance: +3 to Reflex saves; instead of +1 to all saves. Barbarian level 6 Awarenes: +3 to Listen, Spot, Search, and +3 to Reflex saves and saves against traps; instead of +1 to reflex saves. (+6 to reflex saves for Occult slayer tree for 6 AP; instead of 6AP for +2 to reflex saves only...This is comparable to allready existing Ranger Tempest enhancement +3 to Reflex saves and Saves against Traps for 3 AP)

    2) Rage mechanics triggered after certain amount of damage dealt to the barbarian toon ? (Toggled on and off with bonuses and penalties)

    3) Tireless rage able to be learned earlier ?

    4) Passive base movement and attack speed gained with barbarian levels after early %10 ?


    5a) Barbarian only 'Wrestling/Brawling' Bonuses to

    - Character level + Intelligence/Constitution based Trip like special attack (bend and lock joints of single opponent; also to use the opponent for shielding self ) or

    - Character level + Strength/Constitution based Stun like special attack (Lift and knock the opponent over other opponents risking its own defense)...(For more intelligent vs more brute barbarians) ?

    5b) Special Barbarian only, risky and mad area of effect attacks such as;

    - Character level + Item bonuses + Int/Dex/Cons based Leap, roll over/around or jump over/around npcs while swinging weapons and kicks or

    - Character level + Item bonuses + Str/Dex/Cons based Diving with headbutt and body slam to knock a group of medium or small sized enemies ?

    Ps: a) and b) may sound similar to certain Thief acrobat special attacks aswell as certain Vanguard special attacks.

    6) Barbarian rage working with Precision ?

    Thank you very much for reading the post and your valuable ideas about the brainstorming.
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