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    Default Mechanic Update Suggestions: Hip Flask and More

    In the spirit of continual class updates with the new paradigm being some small changes to continue to update the enhancements rather than total overhaul ... here are a few things with mechanic that should be addressed.

    Hip Flask: Remove the action boost portion. Much like you (devs) did with Power Surge so that this does not interfere with other Action Boosts This should be as follows:


    Passive Bonuses: +2 Dex/Int, +2 SA dice, +2 atk w/SA, +1 atk with all xbows, and +1/+2 dmg repeating/non-repeating xbows, Heals for 10d3+30 (scaling 200% RP)

    Cooldown 3 minutes
    10 secs: +10 Dodge and Maximum Dodge
    60 secs: +2d6 atk/dmg, +1d6 all ability scores

    With new way quests are designed with large groups or mobs spawned around most corners ... this Capstone should be a boon rather than detriment compared to other capstones and the new latest and greatest of Inquisitve. I want to run a full rogue for flavor, challenge and fun ... but I don't want to be completely hampered by an outdated capstone.

    A few suggestions:

    • Remove the Action Boost similar to the changes to Power Surge so that it doesn't interfere with other action boosts
    • Change the Dodge/Max Dodge duration to 30 seconds
    • Change the cooldown of the ability to 2 minute. If some compensation on the damage/ability modifier is needed then reduce the duration to 30 seconds.
    • Add +25% double shot for the 60 second or 30 second duration.
    • Change the heal to a DOT and increase it. For example 10d6+60 (scaling 200% with RP) that ticks every 10 seconds for 30 seconds. The reason being that there is a discrepancy currently between using this as a I'm about to die heal and booster vs using this ability as I'm about to do a hard battle and want to burst DPS and am already fully healed. Thus a DOT with an initial tick can accomplish both.

    Again remember that we're talking about a capstone that is special for a full fledged mechanic rogue.

    Other areas of the tree that should be addressed:

    Alchemical traps:

    • The dmg portion is fine for low heroics and can be kept as is.
    • The DCs should scale as current traps do. Thus it's 50% of your DD skill. If you take the Improve Traps line then they scale per that. Additionally I'd like the see this line changed to a single enhancement that costs 2 APs to get 100% rather than 3 APs to scale up to 100%.
    • Tanglefoot is otherwise good as is with above suggestion. Keep as Reflex save.
    • Thunderstone should stay as its currently messed up form. Keep as an AOE Blindness. Change the save to Will save.
    • Ooze flask should change its debuff to reducing AC/PRR/MRR by 4/8/12. Keep as a Fortitude save.
    • Time Bomb should scale with 200% or 400% RP. It's a tier 5 ability locking out other tier 5's. It should be worth it. The knockdown should last longer along the lines of what Thunder-Shock Weapons trip does.

    Thanks for a great tree that now just needs some tweaking to update with current game standards.
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    What: Mechanic Tree

    Why: Inquisitive/Endless Fusilade has now made this a splash only tree with T5 enhancments given to Inquisitive.

    Suggestion: There are many ... but here are a few ...

    1. Fix Thunderstone to keep as an AOE blindness. Change the DC to scale off of your DD skill. Fix the tooltip.
    2. Reduce the cooldown of Tangleroot from 30 secs (subsequently 24 secs if you go high enough in cores) to 15 or 20 secs. Change the DC to scale off of your DD skill.
    3. Add a T2 and T4 alchemical trap. Move timebomb to T4 and have a new mass hold type alchemical trap in T5
    4. Change fletching to also add Metalline to your bolts (thus bypassing Adamantine, Cold Iron, Silver, etc)
    5. Update Hip Flask (i have previously given one kind of suggestion in the Rogue forums)
    6. Fix Lacerating shots to scale with 200% Ranged power.
    7. Move Light repeating xbow proficiency to Core 2 (level 3), Move heavy repeating xbow proficiency to Core 3 (level 6).
    8. Add Precision feat to Core 4 (Level 12) or make it an improved version (like +50% fort reduction, +10% to hit)
    9. Add deflect arrows at Core 5 (Level 18) while wielding a great xbow "You are adept at maneuvering your Great xbow to deflect incoming projectiles"
    10. One other suggestion for Timebomb if you keep it in Tier 5 is to be able to make it a shot. Thus Timebomb "you attach a small bomb to your bolt" It does the same Sonic and Fire damage (or update this too!) as well as Knockdown. Cooldown 12 secs (which is reduced if you go high enough into mechanic cores as is). This would be cool, giving you a CC and DPS option that could potentially fix the current problems that Timebomb has with terrain making it a very finicky enhancement that sometimes doesn't work at all.

    Basically since Inquisitive and BE etc are more rate of fire/proc ... and any non-fusilade Mechanic build is suboptimal ... make Mechanic and Great xbows what they should be ... cannons that are slower to fire but can do great damage/AOE effects.

    I posted the above in another thread, but added it here since I like the last part especially.
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    The devs got bamboozled by the forum warriors.

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