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    Default Wood Elf Rugged Upbringing not functional

    Male Wood Elf 20 Ranger with racial enhancement Rugged Upbringing wielding any combination of rapiers and/or scimitars while raged from a rage potion, rage spell scroll or Primal Scream does not show an increase of 5% doublestrike on the character sheet.
    Kobeyashi | Ying

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    have you tried to roll a vet 4 barb to see if it works with barb rage?

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    No. If it's only meant to work with Barbarian/Druid "true rage" (ie, prevents spell casting), then the tooltip needs updating. When you look at enhancements like Druid Nature's Warrior Ferocity, it explicitly calls out true rage-type effects.
    Kobeyashi | Ying

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