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    Thumbs up Shiradi Champion - Hey, Thanks!

    As a quick break from all the complaining that's been going on lately, I wanted to take a minute to express my support for the changes Shiradi Champion has undergone. I've lost track of how many lives I've spent in Legendary Dreadnought - on both melee and ranged characters alike. There was simply no substitute for me. The melee/ranged power that LD had to offer paired with its quality of life improvements (namely Action Hero and Extra Action Boost) made it the only logical choice for a large number of builds. When I discovered that EDs were getting a pass and that Shiradi Champion was becoming a more competitive destiny for ranged characters I just had to see it for myself. I quickly TRed into a ranged character and rushed to 20, and I'm happy to report that the changes have made it both fun and effective.

    Innate Ranged Power:
    • The addition of 60 ranged power is a good incentive for LD users to try out SC. Compared with LD (without Blitz) this is a net gain of 48 ranged power, but compared with a full stack of Blitz (and let's be honest, in LD you're basically never without a full stack), you're losing 22 ranged power. That's really not terrible considering the other abilities SC has to offer.

    Scaling with Ranged Power:
    • Making SC's abilities scale with ranged power was an excellent idea and was long overdue. Unfortunately I still don't see much damage coming from Rainbow/Double Rainbow. I've tried Stay Good/Frosty but to be honest I prefer the random effects that Double Rainbow has to offer in terms of CC (and I think it's more fun). Is 200% scaling good enough? In my opinion, no. But it sure beats no scaling.

    Whirling Wrists:
    • The doubleshot is a great addition. However I do wish SC offered more doubleshot options. Maybe Rain of Arrows could offer a passive component as well: +5% doubleshot. That might make me more inclined to take it.

    Hunt's End:
    • This was the one ability that got me to make the switch from LD to SC. While I would have much rather had a new ability built from the ground up with some more interesting mechanics, copy/pasting the adrenaline ability works too. Getting that perfect line-up of mobs and hitting Otto's Whistler -> Pin -> Hunt's End -> Sniper Shot and watching an entire group drop is exceptionally satisfying. It breaks up the monotony of holding down a mouse button all the time, and it adds a certain skill element to the class.

    For the longest time Shiradi Champion was a niche ED, catering to a very specific type of caster and usually left untouched by ranged characters who preferred LD. The recent changes have left it a much more desirable option for players, from the first Eveningstar chain to the highest towers in Sharn. Its crowd control abilities offer it a unique element of utility, and its innate ranged power paired with Hunt's End make it competitive in the DPS sphere.

    This is also in the wrong forum, but because these forums don't allow for the deletion/moving of threads, too bad!
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